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• Multiple 345-kV and 138-kV transmission lines
• Three substations with flexibility for additional substations
• Texas is one of the most affordable markets for power in the country


• Multiple top tier domestic and long-haul carriers provide mission critical connections
• Flexibility to add and extend providers across a long distance
• Localized loops provide enhanced redundancy


• Largest municipal potable water supplier in North Texas (Dallas Water Utilities)
• Enhanced capacity and redundancy
• Three looped water transmission mains

Texas Data District - WE GOT THE POWER

While data innovation is top of mind for the world, creating excellent infrastructure and reducing expense is top of mind for us. With prime location for all things digital, hyperscale and cloud computing campuses are a perfect fit. Texas Data District has been master-planned for data center development while being surrounded by fortune 100 companies, including Walmart’s $1.5 billion e-commerce facility as well as Stream’s newest data center campus: encompassing over 2.5 million square feet over 350 acres.

800 Acres of Development Ready Land

With 800 acres master-planned for data center development, we are able to provide world class critical infrastructure, The Data District will deliver over 800+ megawatts of new data center capacity at full build out.


Kilovolts of existing oncor power

over 14,000,000

square feet of potential development space


Acres of
available land

4.7 million

population within 25-mile radius

2.6 million

Labor Force within 25-mile radius